Nursing Leadership

Academics & Admissions

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The Nursing Leadership DNP program prepares you to lead health care organizations in changing the delivery of care through innovation and evidence-based practice.

Program Overview

Fall deadline

Aug. 1 deadline for fall admission

Spring deadline

Dec. 1 deadline for spring admission

Credits and hours

60 credits


4-year or
study plans

At Rutgers School of Nursing, we prepare advanced practice nurses on leadership trajectories across settings to:

  • Differentiate between different leadership skills and theories as they influence systems thinking and health care delivery;
  • Translate evidence to support innovative solutions for complex organizational problems and opportunities;
  • Evaluate quality and safety tenets at different levels ranging from individual to population;
  • Build relationships and partnerships through effective communication; and
  • Combine leadership skills, business acumen, and use of technology, human capital, quality and safety to design and implement programs.

Through our program, you will create healthful work environments and influence the quality and safety outcomes for your clients, community, and global health.

Meet the Specialty Director

Laura A. Mularz, DNP, MSN, RN, APN, ACNS-BC, NE-BC, CRRN is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Specialty Director for the Nursing Leadership Specialty Track within the Advanced Practice Division. Dr. Mularz is a transformational leader who focuses on data-driven decision-making and nurse mentoring.