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Academics & Admissions

Go farther in the career you love with a specialty certification or non-degree study.

School Nurse Certificate

The role of the school nurse is as multifaceted as it is significant. Through our school nurse certificate program, you’ll gain the expertise needed to ensure your students are healthy learners ready to take on the world.

HIV Care Specialization

Deepen your nursing care for patients infected with HIV and other co-morbidities. At Rutgers nursing, you can pursue HIV care as a certificate program or integrate it into your DNP study.

Post-Master’s Certificate

Develop your patient care and improve patient outcomes with your certification in six specialty areas offered in our post-master’s certificate program.

Non-Degree Study

Not ready to dive into an advanced degree just yet? Our non-degree enrollment option is ideal for bachelor’s-prepared students who want to explore select graduate nursing courses before committing to a degree.