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The School of Nursing, in all locations, will transition in-person nursing classes to remote format on Tuesday, 10/26/21. In-person student clinicals for Tuesday, 10/26, are cancelled in all locations. Students should contact their faculty members with any questions related to classes.
Faculty and staff who would normally work in person should work remotely on Tuesday, 10/26.
Normal operations are expected to resume at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, 10/27/2021

Clinical courses are an exciting and crucial part of the educational process at the Rutgers School of Nursing. You will be on-site at clinical agencies side-by-side with healthcare professionals where you will see the direct impact that the field of nursing has on the care of patients.

For the protection of our students and the patients, there are a number of requirements that must be completed in order to participate in clinical(s). If you do not complete your requirements you will not be eligible to participate in the clinical experience.   It is critical that you complete all of your clearance requirements on time.

Below are clinical clearance resources to assist you as you navigate through the clearance process:

Explore Clinical Clearance