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The School of Nursing, in all locations, will transition in-person nursing classes to remote format on Tuesday, 10/26/21. In-person student clinicals for Tuesday, 10/26, are cancelled in all locations. Students should contact their faculty members with any questions related to classes.
Faculty and staff who would normally work in person should work remotely on Tuesday, 10/26.
Normal operations are expected to resume at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, 10/27/2021

Second Degree Application – Step-by-Step

Academics & Admissions

You will use the Application for Undergraduate Admission (screen shot below)

Under Enrollment Information

  • What is the semester for which you are applying?
    Select – SPRING 2021
  • What will be your applicant type at the time of enrollment?
    Select – TRANSFER
  • Chose all that apply:
    Select – I will have my Bachelor’s, Master’s, and/or Doctorate degree before coming to Rutgers
  • How many college credits will you have completed at a post-secondary institution prior to enrollment at Rutgers?
    Select – 120 or more
  • Will you be attending full time or part time?
    Select – Full time
  • Will you work towards a Rutgers degree or take courses as a non-degree student?
    Select – I will work towards a degree (Matriculating)
  • Where will you live?
    Select – Off campus

Apply For Admission to Schools or Programs

  • School of program to which I’d like to apply
    Select– Rutgers School of Nursing – Newark
  • My primary academic interest is..
    Select- 2nd Degree BS in Nursing
Screenshot - Application for Undergraduate Admission