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Program Objectives

Rutgers School of Nursing offers a Master's of Science degree in Nursing Leadership. A Post-Baccalaureate DNP and Post-Masters DNP degree with Leadership Focus are also available.

Masters study takes students from the baccalaureate-prepared generalist to the specialist in nursing leadership. This is a great option for the individual who wants to be the front line manager in any healthcare setting. This option also creates an excellent bridge to the Post-Masters Doctorate with a leadership focus.

Duration of Study

MS students complete the degree program in 15 months with full-time study and two to three years with part-time study. The maximum allowable time for program completion according to School of Nursing policy is five years.

Student Advisement

Upon admission to the School of Nursing Graduate Program, students are assigned a faculty advisor. Every attempt is made to identify someone with similar interests. The faculty advisor will work with the student to determine their progression through the program of study. Students should contact their faculty advisor for advisement prior to registration each semester.

Where do the courses meet?

Many graduate nursing courses are online. Some require in-person meetings a few times during the semester.

Each semester's nursing course offerings can be accessed on the Rutgers University Schedule of Classes ;by choosing both "Newark" and/or "Newark Online" as the Campus Location, "Graduate" as the Level of Study, then the appropriate "Semester Term."

Taking a Semester Off

Taking a semester off is possible. If you do not plan to register for courses during a regular semester (spring or fall), you must register for "Matriculation Continued" by contacting the graduate program coordinator in the Office of Student Services to obtain a special permission number. Registering for Matriculation Continued allows you to retain active student status for a nominal student fee. There is no tuition for this type of registration however failure to maintain matriculation will result in forfeiture of your status as a School of Nursing graduate student and may require review of your academic record for readmittance to the graduate program.

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Deadline to Apply

  • Apply by April 1 for Fall Term
  • Apply by October 1 - Deadline extended to November 1st for Spring Term 2016

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About Practicum Courses

The Master of Science Program in Leadership requires a total of 500 hours in multiple practicum experiences. All practicum experiences occur on-site at health care facilities, provider practices or other appropriate venues. Faculty will arrange these practicum experiences with approved preceptors at facilities and practices with which Rutgers has a contract or letter of agreement. Because you will be practicing at an advanced level, preceptors or facility representatives may request and interview with  you or may ask you to complete a student experience application before starting a practicum experience.

Where and When do the Practica Take Place?

Rutgers School of Nursing has contracts and letters of agreement with hundreds of preceptors and facilities across the state. Days and hours vary depending on preceptor availability.

How do I Find a Preceptor?

Preceptors are carefully selected by the Rutgers faculty. The faculty will ensure that students are paired with highly skilled preceptors to help students meet their learning objectives. 



Admission criteria for all MSN programs

*updated for Fall 2014 Admission

  • Program Requirements 
    Proof of current NJ registered nurse licensure Resume; Bachelor's degree in nursing from a nationally accredited program with at least a 3.2 GPA (where A = 4.0); Official transcripts of all previous college work; Personal Statement; Two letters of reference from professional sources (one must come from a nurse academician;Two scholarly papers of which the applicant is sole author (may be a published article, book chapter, or a paper completed for coursework); Completed application form & fee. An interview with faculty may be required. GRE testing is not required for this program.

  • Test Requirements 
    International applicants must submit an official transcript review by CGFNS or WES. Official TOEFL or IELTS scores within 2 years required if undergraduate education was completed in a non-English speaking country even if degrees are held from the U.S. or other English-speaking country.

  • Review of applications
    The criteria for admission are minimal requirements.  The admissions process is selective and the committee utilizes a holistic approach in the review of each applicant. No preference is given to any one of the requirements to enter into our program, and the satisfaction of requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.   Each application is reviewed and assessed on the individual applicant's information, talents, achievements and potential to add their unique talents to our school. An interview may be requested.

  • Program Specific requirements

    • Acute Critical Nurse Practitioner: Evidence of two years of current critical care experience with direct patient care.  Active CCRN certification is recommended. 
      * This program is transitioning to a DNP degree program
    • FNP Emergency Care: Must have current emergency nursing experience consisting of a minimum of 1000 hours within the past three years.  - Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) is recommended.
      * This program is transitioning to a DNP degree program
    • Nurse Anesthesia: (Critical Care experience is required) The Nurse Anesthesia program has additional requirements »
    MSN Transfer Credit

    A matriculated student in an MSN program may request transfer of academic credits for graduate work completed at another accredited institution. Grades must be at least a B (3.0) or better. Courses must have been taken no more than seven (7) years prior to request for transfer and are limited to a total of seven (7) credits. Transfer credits must be approved by the Academic Dean before they will be applied. Credits for clinical work are not accepted for transfer. Students must complete a Transfer Credit Form (pdf). Students requesting credits earned outside of SN must submit official transcripts, course descriptions and any additional documentation (i.e. syllabus, research papers, etc).

    Non-Matriculated Study- Graduate Programs in Newark

    Nondegree students will only be permitted to take a maximum of 6 credits with a 1-semester limit (providing space is available) before they must apply and be accepted to the program for matriculation. Applicants must hold at least a baccalaureate degree from a nationally accredited program. Submission of official transcripts, personal statement, resume; 3 professional letters of reference; the application form; and fee are required in order to be considered for non-degree study. View More details about registration for non-degree study

    Contact the Office of Admissions

    Office of Admissions
    School of Nursing
    Rutgers, The State University of New  Jersey
    65 Bergen Street, Room 601
    Newark, NJ 07107

    Phone Number: 973-972-3067





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