Disability Services

We provide students with confidential advising and accommodation services in order to allow students with documented physical, mental, and learning disabilities to successfully complete their courses of study at Rutgers School of Nursing. We provide for the confidential documentation and verification of student accommodations, and communicate with faculty and staff regarding disabilities and accommodations.


Applying for Services

  • Complete and submit the online registration form. Upon completion of the form, you will receive a confirmation by email.
  • Upon receipt of the registration form, a representative will contact you to schedule an intake meeting with your assigned coordinator. Your coordinator will be your direct point of contact with our office.
  • On or before your intake meeting, please follow the documentation guidelines and upload the appropriate documentation to our system.
  • Upon completion of your intake, your documentation will be reviewed to make an appropriate determination of reasonable accommodations based on the nature of your disability. We will not review any documentation if you have not submitted the registration form and/or have not met with your assigned coordinator for an intake meeting.
  • Following the review, your coordinator will contact you with the results and assist you with your next steps.

Screenings and Evaluations

The Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology provides screenings and evaluations at no cost for students enrolled in the Rutgers Student Health Insurance plan. View more information, as well as a list of available screenings.

Exam Proctors

Exam proctors are available for students with disabilities who have received a letter of accommodation requiring specific exam support.For more information, please call (973) 353-5293.

Visit the exam proctor page for more information and to request proctoring.

Temporary Injuries

While the Americans with Disabilities Act does not recognize temporary injuries as a disability that accommodation is legally mandated for, Rutgers School of Nursing may be available to assist you if you have a temporary injury or condition that results in a functional impairment. These injuries and conditions may include broken bones, injuries requiring surgery and other acute illnesses.

Appropriate temporary accommodations are determined case-by-case and may include assistance with obtaining class notes or taking exams and/or quizzes if you’re unable to write.


For information on supporting students with disabilities, visit the Office of Disability Services faculty page.

Visit the exam proctor page for information on how to request an exam proctor.


Visit the Rutgers University website for more information or contact Liezza Roldan