Liezza M. Roldan

Liezza Salgado

Administrative Coordinator


ACK 102

(973) 353-5771

  • Administration and Student Affairs

Liezza Roldan is the Administrative Coordinator for the division of Administration and Student Affairs within the office of the Senior Vice Dean at the School of Nursing.  Liezza’s primary responsibilities include managing the Senior Vice Dean’s calendar and assisting the Senior Vice Dean and Executive Director in handling administrative matters related to faculty, administration, students and all other constituents.  In addition, she is responsible for managing projects such as the grade grievance and academic integrity process.  She also contributes to the planning of major School of Nursing events in her support of managing the daily operations of the division.

Prior to joining the School of Nursing Liezza served as an Administrative Assistant at the Honors College within Rutgers University – Newark for 10 years.  In this role, she provided support to the Honors College administration, supervised other support staff and students, coordinated major events, and ensured the daily operations of the office ran smoothly.