Preparing for Clinical Clearance

Traditional Juniors/Seniors and Second Degree Students

Rising Sophomores (Sophomores transitioning to Junior Year):

Traditional nursing students completing their sophomore year must  prepare for the clinical experience which will take place during the Fall semester of their junior year.   Students are presented with the clinical requirements  in late March/early April of their sophomore  Spring semester.   Jump Start Your Junior Year (an event sponsored by the Office of Student Engagement) will provide students with valuable information regarding the clinical expectations and requirements for our nursing students. The event will be held on both the Newark and New Brunswick campus.

Continuing Traditional and Second Degree Students: 

All continuing students are expected to maintain clinical compliance throughout the program.   Since some of our undergraduate program run through the entire year it is imperative that you review and adhere to the clearance schedule provided below: 

Second Degree BS in Nursing Students

SemesterStudent Document
for Submission
Fall semester May 1st June 1st
Spring semester October 1st November  1st
Summer semester March 1st April 1st

Traditional BS in Nursing Students
(Newark, New Brunswick and Blackwood) 

Semester Student Document
for Submission 
Fall semester May 1st June 1st 
Spring semester October 1st November  1st  

It is critical that students complete all clearance requirements on time.  For detailed information regarding each requirement please visit our Clinical Clearance Requirements page

Clinical Clearance Requirements

Traditional and Second Degree BS in Nursing Students
(New Brunswick, Newark & Blackwood)

  1. Student Notification of Program Requirements
  2. Health & Immunization/ Flu Vaccination
  3. Criminal Background Check
  4. Student Disclosure Form 
  5. Urine Drug Screening
  6. CPR/BLS
  • Some requirements may take only a day to complete, while others can take several months and require multiple visits to a physician.  It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that students read and understand each requirement and begin completing them long before the final clearance date.
  • Some clinical institutions may have additional requirements (e.g. compliance modules, training) that are not part of the standard compliances. You will be notified prior to the start of your clinical if you must complete the additional requirements.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to review all compliance documents for expiration dates and resubmit before non-compliance. 

Additional Resources:  Student Clinical Clearance Guide for Second Degree BS in Nursing and Traditional BS in Nursing Students