As Rutgers School of Nursing students, you are held to the highest ethical standards in and out of the clinical setting.

Any form of incivility is unacceptable at Rutgers School of Nursing. Incivility is defined as disruptive, ill-mannered, or offensive behavior contrary to the well-being of the classroom community. This includes any and all forms of disrespect or disregard for instruction, the instructor, or a fellow student.

Rutgers School of Nursing faculty have adopted Standards of Conduct outlining student expectations. To ensure a dynamic and respectful teaching, learning, research, and clinical practice environment that fosters a sense of community, it is expected that every student adheres to these guidelines and maintains a high standard of civil, respectful, and professional conduct in all academic and clinical interactions. This code is in accordance with federal and state law, professional nursing, and academic parameters.

As stated in the University Student Code of Conduct:

“The primary purpose of the student conduct process should be to foster the personal, educational, and social development of students. The process should also serve as deterrence to misconduct to enhance the safety and security of the community. Students are expected to take responsibility for their conduct. Disciplinary consequences therefore serve both educational and deterrence objectives.”

A report of student misconduct or infringement with regard to the Rutgers School of Nursing Standards of Conduct and/or the University Student Code of Conduct may initiate a grievance process that could lead to dismissal and, if appropriate, may be reported to the New Jersey State Board of Nursing. Violation of federal, state, and local laws may be applicable and, as appropriate, would be reported to law enforcement officers.

The Rutgers School of Nursing Standards of Conduct shall not diminish or remove the applicability of University-wide policies and procedures and, where in conflict, University-wide policies shall control over the standards herein.

Resources related to the Standards of Conduct are:

Blatant disregard and insolence for others or actions that create an atmosphere of disrespect, conflict, and stress will not be tolerated.

If you would like to report as a witness or a victim of incivility please fill the form below and the Office of Student Services and Administration will be in contact with you immediately.

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