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Nursing Programs

Throughout your time at Rutgers School of Nursing, you’ll need to complete forms associated with your program. If for any reason you’re unable to find a form that you need, please contact the Office of Student Services.

Traditional Bachelor’s
RN to BS in Nursing
School Nurse Certificate
Second Degree
Student Forms
GraduateStudent Forms
PhD in NursingStudent Forms

Residency Policy

The residency policy determines your NJ residency status to qualify you for in-state tuition rates and an application for a change to in-state residence if you were previously classified as out-of-state.

Rutgers University Transcript Request

The Rutgers University Transcript Request application allows you as a current or former Rutgers student to submit an online application for your official transcript.

If your official transcript must be accompanied by a form (that is, licensing verification or CAS forms -NCAS, AMCAS), you must submit your form separately to the registrar’s office and your transcript request through the transcript website. Your transcript and form will be mailed together.

Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery by mail or 5 business days if you pick up your transcript. You’ll be notified by email once your transcript has been mailed or is available for pick-up.