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Clinical Placement Information

Tips for Successful Placement
Student placement for any course/semester must be a coordinated effort.  If the student has any leads, she/he should follow up to set the environment for placement.   If placement has been an issue, the track coordinator or the Clinical Placement Coordinator may be able to help.  Begin looking for placement for the next clinical course about 4 weeks into the present semester.

  1. Call and inquire about their willingness to take a student and then make an appointment to speak with site (it could be the clinician or the office manager)
  2. Bring with you the class syllabus, your CV and a letter from the track coordinator.
  3. Find out what the site requires for documentation so that you can be cleared for the experience.
  4. Explain exactly what you need as far as experiences and clinical hours to meet the course requirements.
  5. Find out the office hours so that you can arrange your time to accommodate the site and your needs.
  6. Be sure to thank them for their time and send a note.

Site Etiquette

  1. Be professional and on time.
  2. Get a contact number so that you can notify the site if you cannot come for the session. 
  3. Don’t change days without permission and/or notification.
  4. Don’t change sites without the proper notification to the present site.  Please let the site know that you have found another site that better meets your needs.   If the site looks promising, please offer it to another student.
  5. If the site states that they must think about it.  Follow up with , “ when can I contact you for a final decision”? 
  6. Be sure to send a thank you for the time and effort that the site expended on your behalf.

Clinical Placement Resources

Clinical Placement Coordinator, Graduate Programs

Student Health Services (for Health Records/Compliance Information):
Chris Auger
90 Bergen Street, Suite 1750
Newark, NJ 07101
(973) 972-8219

Criminal Background Check (CBC) Information for students:
View Criminal Background Check Information

If you need a CBC clearance letter contact:
Sherri Lynn Moose
(973) 972-8416


How to submit request for clinical preceptor agreement

Fill out a Clinical Placement Information Form

This form is used to generate the Clinical Preceptor Agreement Letter. Graduate students may not participate in a clinical experience without a signed Clinical Preceptor Agreement returned to Rutgers and following notification from the Office of Clinical Affairs.

All fields must be completed on the Clinical Placement Information Form.  If not, the forms will be sent back to the student for additional information.

There may be additional forms required for specific sites, especially if it is a larger facility or medical center.  Click here for a list of site requiring other material.

Special Site Information

Newark Community Health Centers, Inc.
For clinical placement at this site, please do NOT contact them directly.
Contact your specialty director



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