Student Computing


Every School of Nursing student is required to have their own personal computer or mobile device. Please review the IT Orientation Presentation. As an RBHS student, your NetID is your universal Rutgers login to access all electronic resources, including the following accounts.

CORE/Computer Lab Login

This gives you access to our University Network. It allows printing in the lab and classrooms, and is used to log in to the lab computers as well as the Rutgers wireless network (RUHealthSciences).

Portal is the university intranet used to access all applications like your personal information, student records, online registration, email, and university announcements, among others.

Learning Management Systems

At Rutgers School of Nursing, you can take classes in person, online, or as a mix of both. Access is granted a few days prior to the class start date.

  • ExamSoft Login: Students are required to bring their own devices to exams.
    • To get started, download the latest version of Examplify by ExamSoft for your Windows or Mac OS X device.
    • You’ll use this high-stakes assessment program to securely take exams and/or quizzes, blocking access to files, programs, and the Internet. ExamSoft’s solution is an Internet-based exam delivery option.
    • Your ID will be emailed once you’re enrolled in a class and your professor has decided to use ExamSoft.
  • Canvas Login
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor Instructions



Your Rutgers email account is an official means of communication between the University and you, the school and you, and the faculty and you. You are responsible for knowing about and responding to anything sent to your Rutgers email account.

When communicating with SON faculty and staff, use your Rutgers email account. Faculty and staff are not required to respond to emails from any other email address. In most cases, that email will simply be deleted. Do not create an alias email.

Access your email at Your email address will be Messages will be deleted once they are 45 days old, unless you create a folder and move your messages there.

Wireless Access

†For wireless access, use:

Printing and Copying

  • Every student is allotted 1000 pages per Academic year.
  • New funds are added to your quota approximately July 1 each year (Unused funds don’t rollover).
  • Printing costs 3 cents per page. You may purchase more prints from any lab computer. Click ‘Details’ on the Papercut window.
  • You will need your University ID to retrieve items from the printers
  • Print from your laptops or phones via the Webprint site.

Contact the School of Nursing IT Department for assistance with any technology-related problems.