Computer Labs

Locations & Hours

School of Nursing

Computer labs are open Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm. Labs are not open on the weekends and on holidays.

Stanley S. Bergen BuildingNewarkRoom 640A/B

Additional print services are available in the following classrooms: GA50, GA55, GA60, 620A, and 620B.
Ackerson HallNewarkRoom 201
110 Paterson St.New BrunswickRoom 203

Additional RBHS Labs

Building/RoomHours of Operation
University Computer Lab (MSB C632)Mon to Fri
8am to 9:30pm

Sat & Sun
12 to 5pm

Lab is not open on University holidays.
George F. Smith LibraryMon to Thu
8 to 2am

8am to 10pm

9am to 5pm

10 to 2am

Library is not open on University holidays.

Printing & Copying

Each academic year, you’re allowed up to 1,000 pages to print through the University technology fee. Your print quota renews every July 1. If you exceed the 1,000 count before the year ends, you can replenish your quota by selecting “Details” on the PaperCut Quota dialog box on a lab computer or by going to the site. It costs $3 per 100 pages.

Print jobs are charged to your account only if the job is released and actually printed. If you no longer wish to continue a print job, cancel it to avoid charges.

Your print usage is tracked by username. Remember to log out before leaving the computer or printer.

Additional instructions are listed in the SON computer lab.

Help Desks

CampusPhone NumberEmail

Visit the Help Desk site for more information. You can also reach a School of Nursing IT team member for assistance.