During the remote nature of many services during the COVID-19 operating status, we have created a student resource page that will help navigate some services.

When you join Rutgers School of Nursing, you join a community and network of support for your nursing school journey and beyond:

Whether you learn best one-on-one or in a group setting, the Office of Academic Success (OAS) has a tutor for you. Become more confident in your studies through the guidance of a faculty-nominated peer tutor.

Plus, students who go on to become peer tutors themselves gain a professional reference for graduate school or employers through the OAS.
From organizing and outlining to citation analysis and attribution to writing your personal statement, the RBHS Writing Center has a professional tutor for you, both online and in person.
Strengthen your nursing care through your clinical experience at one of our 200+ affiliated sites. As you work closely with a nurse preceptor, you’ll apply your classroom learning and develop your critical thinking and judgment.
The Educational Opportunity Fund provides holistic support for qualified students, from financial assistance to tutoring and counseling services.
At Rutgers School of Nursing, you’re never alone during difficult times. We’re here to help, providing counseling and support for student wellness, alcohol and drug use, and sexual assault victims.
There also Student Health Locations in Newark, New Brunswick, and for Graduate Students
We provide disability services like confidential advising and accommodation for students with documented physical, mental, and learning disabilities. We may also be available to assist students with temporary injuries and conditions.
Navigate your job hunt with confidence. Our comprehensive career development services include support for writing your resume/CV, nailing your interviews, deliberating your job offers, applying to externships and graduate schools, and more.
Each RBHS Dean has appointed an ombudsperson as a designated, confidential resource for students and housestaff (“visitors”) seeking information or solutions to problems. The unique nature of the ombudsperson is one of neutrality, impartiality and independence from the Schools’ and University’s established administrative structures.
View the Student and Housestaff Ombudsperson Flyer – AY21 (pdf)
View and apply for scholarships offered through the School of Nursing, or apply for an external scholarship. Most scholarships are offered every year.
View available scholarships