Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Pursuing Excellence Through Equity

Rutgers School of Nursing is committed to creating and cultivating an environment that is not only diverse and equitable, but one that actively works against racism and bias in our institutional practices, classrooms, curriculum, and daily interactions. In other words, we want diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to be valued principles that manifest themselves from the inside out – from the top down. In this pursuit, we don’t just want to look excellent; we want to be excellent—through putting intent to action.

Racism and Bias Reporting

As part of our commitment to be actively anti-racist and anti-bias as an organization, School of Nursing leadership openly invites members of the community to discuss concerns without fear of retribution.

We also understand that racist and bias incidences can be difficult to report when they do occur, and some may prefer anonymous means. To that end, we invite members of our community to anonymously submit concerns through a digital form. These submissions are sent directly to School of Nursing Dean Linda Flynn.

Email: DEIattheSON@sn.rutgers.edu

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