Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan

Dean’s Committee on Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias


To strive for an environment in the School of Nursing (SON) that is actively anti-racist and anti-biased in all our institutional practices, classrooms, curriculum, and people-related interactions and that does not foster negative outcomes or experiences based on race or biases. (OU)


Based on the committee’s analyses of quantitative and qualitative data and institutional policies and practices, the overarching aim of the committee is to make actionable recommendations to the Dean that aim to eradicate racism and bias in the SON.


The committee will have representation from a variety of groups within the Rutgers Nursing community, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students; faculty from each academic program; alumni; staff; student services staff.

Impact Dialogue Circles

Part of our commitment to listen and act, “Impact Dialogue Circles” are a series of listening sessions with faculty, staff, and students designed to listen to the community and implement action based on feedback. These sessions are being led by an outside team comprising inclusion coaches and brothers Dr. Timothy Eatman and Michael Eatman.

We are proud that 60 percent of our student body is from underrepresented minority populations; but we also realize that diversity, inclusion, and equality are more than just numbers. Consequently, we are embarking on a three-pronged approach to identifying and eradicating any vestiges of racism and bias within the School of Nursing.

Dr. Linda Flynn, Dean

Racism and Bias Reporting Electronic Hotline

As part of our commitment to be actively anti-racist and anti-bias as an organization, School of Nursing leadership openly invites members of the community to discuss concerns without fear of retribution.

We also understand that racist and bias incidences can be difficult to report when they do occur, and some may prefer anonymous means. To that end, we invite members of our community to anonymously submit concerns through a digital form. These submissions are sent directly to School of Nursing Dean Linda Flynn.