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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

What is BYOD?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a policy that requires School of Nursing students to bring personally owned computing and mobile devices onto the campus to access Rutgers University and School of Nursing resources such as email, file servers and databases as well as their personal applications and data.


The BYOD policy is a response to student requests to use their preferred personal devices facilitating easy access to familiar equipment, software and data. 

When does the BYOD policy begin?

The BYOD policy goes into effect beginning with the Fall 2018 semester.

What is required for BYOD?
  1. School of Nursing students are required to take all course examinations on their own personal devices 
    1. Students who are testing on their PC or Mac laptop must have a minimum of a 2GHz Intel processor and a minimum of 8GB of RAM for the testing software (Examplify) to work properly
What Types of Devices Can I Utilize at the School of Nursing?

Most devices can access the Rutgers Wireless Networks (RU Wireless Secure & RU Health Sciences) without any difficulty. A partial list of devices that we have successfully connected to the network includes:

Although all of these devices meet the requirements for in-class needs (taking notes and exams) iPads and mobile devices may not be as effective for writing scholarly papers in the format needed. 

What Types of Devices are Prohibited by The School of Nursing IT Department?
Recommended Computer Laptop Specifications
Windows Laptops:
Macintosh Laptops:

Check the examplify website for compatability updates

Laptops purchased in the last few years are likely to meet the minimum specification. Some will provide slower response times, which is usually a function of how much internal memory or disk space is available.

School of Nursing Software Requirements

Listed below are the basic requirements for the software needed on your computer while you are a student at Rutgers School of Nursing. 

Microsoft Office 365
Adobe Products



SPSS and various other software installation can be purchased from
SPSS can also be accessed for Student Usage by going to

What Happens if my Device Breaks?

It is the students’ responsibility to regularly maintain software updates from the device’s OS (iOS or Windows) and the Antivirus software definition files. The IT department will assist students with connectivity issues, and can make recommendations about hardware or software issues students may experience. 

Rutgers Wireless Configuration  

Please view the School of Nursing Computing 
Bring Your Own Device Acceptance Use Policy (pdf)

Further information in regard to Rutgers University computing policies and procedures can be found at:
Rutgers Office of Information Technology Computing Policies and Guidelines

Student Instructions

SON IT Hotline: 973-972-3609

A. At the beginning of a new semester:


  1. Students should verify that their NetID is activated
  2. Students should ensure that they are using their School of Nursing email address
  3. Students should register all of their devices (laptops, tablets, cellphones etc.) for the RUWireless Secure Network
    • RUWireless - Secure setup and installation steps can be found here
    • Do NOT use RU Wireless this is the guest network and it will disconnect every 45 minutes resulting in loss of internet connection
      • RU Wireless (Guest Network) will not work with Examplify or HESI
      • Note that RUWireless Secure is the preferred wireless network for all course activities unless instructed otherwise by your instructor
  4. Students should download and install the latest version of Examplify
  5. Students should report promptly to their instructor and the IT Department if they have any issues related to the above
  6. If student device is incompatible student should speak with the IT Department inquire about a loaner device several days before the exam
    • Please note there are only a limited number of devices that can be loaned only for exams

B. During the Semester:


  1. Students should not update the version of Examplify unless instructed by the IT Department or the instructor
  2. Students should Frequently check the SON Student Computing Webpage as updates will be posted here from the IT Department

C. Before an Exam:


  1. Students should fully charge their device the night before
  2. Student should login to Examplify on their device
  3. Download the exam if it is available to download
  4. Once on campus student should verify that their device is connected to RUWireless Secure
  5. Student be sure to close out all open applications and files before the start of the exam
    • The only application and window that should be open/running is Examplify
  6. Students need to assure prior to the exam that they have enough space on their devices so they are able to upload the exam once it is completed

D. During and after an exam:


  1. Once student starts the exam all internet connections will be lost until the completion of the exam
  2. Once exam is completed make sure you reconnect to the RU Wireless Secure Network
    • If the exam is uploaded successful you see a green screen that congratulates you on a successful upload of your exam. Take a screenshot and save this file for your records
  3. If you exam does not upload contact IT support
    • Also make sure you are connected to RUWireless Secure
    • Go to this weblink
      • Login and follow the instructions to perform a manual upload



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