François-Xavier Bagnoud Center

The François-Xavier Bagnoud Center (FXB Center) began in 1987 as a clinical program that provided family-centered care for HIV, infectious diseases, and immunologic disorders. Early in the 1990s, the center received generous funding from Countess Albina du Boisrouvray’s FXB Foundation to enhance the local clinical program and to expand the center’s expertise to address the rapidly growing HIV pandemic. In recognition of this generous award, the center was named the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center.

Our Mission

Grounded in our history as leaders in family-centered HIV health care, the FXB Center at the Rutgers School of Nursing serves communities that are at greatest risk for health inequities. The FXB Center works to achieve this mission through translation of findings to practice and policy, education, and research.

Our Vision

We seek to eliminate health disparities and promote optimal health in the communities we serve.

Value Statement

Coming together as a “mosaic” in pursuit of our shared mission, the FXB Center is committed to the following core values:

  • Interdisciplinary: We serve our communities through clinical care, education, and research—each complementing and informing the other.
  • Purposeful: We address our work in ways that are intentional, planned, and strategic.
  • Resilient: We adapt to shifts in healthcare needs and priorities.
  • United: We are deeply embedded in the communities we serve locally and globally.
  • Committed: We respond to challenges with compassion and an entrepreneurial spirit.