NEST Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives

NEST believes that safe and quality practice involves knowledge synthesis that concentrates on all best available evidence to assist practitioners and decision-makers in care delivery. Its approach embodies the scholarship of integration, which gives meaning to isolated facts and puts them in perspective.

Today, NEST has generated a total of 33 systematic reviews including:

  • 34 publications by core faculty in refereed journals
  • 3 published textbooks
  • An AJN Book of the Year Award for the work titled “Comprehensive Systematic Review for Advanced Nursing Practice” (Holly, Salmond, Saimbert)
  • 3 published book chapters in texts of evidence-based care
  • 30 national and international presentations specific to the work of NEST and comprehensive systematic review

Center Awards

  • †2017 JBI Evidence Synthesis Award
  • 2016 JBI Evidence Synthesis Award
  • 2016 JBI Colloquium Best Paper Award for the work titled “Using the Results of a Qualitative Systematic Review for Quantitative Instrument Validation” (Salmond, Holly, Jadotte)
  • 2015 JBI Evidence Synthesis Award
  • 2014 Theresa Pellino Research Award
    Holly, C. Rittenmeyer, L. Weeks, S. (2014). Evidence Based Clinical Audit Criteria for the Prevention and Management of Acute Delirium in the Post-operative Patient with a Hip Fracture. Orthopedic Nursing. Jan-Feb;33(1):27-34;
  • 2014 JBI Colloquium Best Paper Award for the work titled “The Effectiveness of Non-Pharmacological Multi-Component Interventions for the Prevention of Delirium in Non-Intensive Care Unit Older Adult Hospitalized Patients: A Systematic Review” (Thomas, Smith, Forrester, Heider, Jadotte, Holly)
  • 2011 JBI Evidence Synthesis Award