Systematic Review Consult Service

Would you like to be able to have continuous expert guidance on your proposal and review well beyond the duration of the Institute? Would you like a copy to the American Journal of Nursing book of the year award winning textbook developed by lead faculty at the school? Then choose the options with Systematic Review Consult Service, which is available for an additional fee. With this option, you receive:

  • Guidance on developing your systematic review protocol and review report anytime within the 4 months following the Institute, from renowned experts in systematic reviews;
  • Thorough critique of your finished JBI systematic review protocol and report, by the Northeast Institute for Evidence Synthesis and Translation (NEST) research team, prior to submission for publication to the JBI library editors for peer review, within 4 months following the Institute;
  • A copy of the award winning book: Holly, Salmond and Saimbert. (2021). Comprehensive Systematic Review for Advanced Nursing Practice, Third Edition. Springer Publishing Company: New York, NY.
  • Rutgers School of Nursing DNP or PhD students who are completing a systematic review project and anticipate needing assistance from the NEST center beyond the duration of the Institute are required to select this option.