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Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Rutgers Nursing magazine! These pages reflect the challenges and triumphs of our community since the inaugural (and digital-only) issue of Rutgers Nursing magazine published last spring—at the onset of a global pandemic that upended life as we all knew it.

The global COVID crisis called health care professionals to the front lines in unprecedented ways—from new graduates who were catapulted to the front lines of critical care, to nurse scientists making breakthroughs in the way we understand how nurses experience everything from racism to vaccination. Thank you for reading and joining us on the journey.

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Message from the Dean: One Year Later

Welcome to the second issue of Rutgers Nursing magazine, themed “One Year Later” and published a little more than one year after our world was turned upside down as we faced multiple tragedies.

2020 Grads Reflect on Life at the Pandemic Frontline

March 2020. A time of exhilaration and relief. Graduation day was near, much like every year before. Students took a deep breath; they had almost finished their studies; they were almost ready to begin new careers.

“Fetch the Nurse:” Studying the Impact of Racism

Even now, minority nurses are still facing racism, both subtle and overt, including the assumption that, because of their color, they couldn’t possibly be “the nurse.”

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