ExamSoft has been a staple at the School of Nursing for many years. Due to the robust nature of the platform, we were able to acquire three new additional features: 

  1. Exam ID and Exam Monitor
  2. Exam Rubrics, and 
  3. Exam Now. Exam ID and Exam Monitor are ExamSoft’s remote proctoring solutions. There is no “live” proctor; the software uses AI during the exams. 

 Below are recordings of past workshop offered to the School of Nursing in August 2021 as well as documentation for Instructors.

ExamSoft Basics, Assessment Building and Reports

ExamSoft Proctoring

Exam Rubrics


ExamNow is an intuitive audience response tool that allows educators to simultaneously increase student engagement and measure student learning. This formative assessment platform allows faculty to easily deliver quizzes in a live, interactive format, while simultaneously engaging students within the learning process.

Resources for Exam Makers

Resources for Exam Takers – Share with students every semester.