Human Simulation

The Center for Clinical Learning is responsible for a state-of-the-art objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) space that includes:

  • Seven clinical evaluation rooms with digital audio/video capture, one-way mirror observation and audio for live viewing.
  • A skills area with seven computer documentation stations for learner post-encounter exercises. Room includes VCR/DVD, large monitor, and digital audio/video capture.
  • A waiting room that seats 15 students.

We collaborate with faculty to design and organize performance-based examinations used for teaching, observing, and assessing health care-related skills learned in specific graduate courses. These OSCEs evaluate hands-on capabilities as well as history-taking, development of a treatment plan, counseling, and documentation. Rutgers School of Nursing faculty evaluate these skills using a set of pre-determined checklists.

Though staged, OSCE encounters use real life scenarios with carefully trained standardized patients so that each student’s experience is identical. This makes it a powerful and valuable tool to assess a learner’s competence in a tested area and to support patient and family safety initiatives. Students are prepared to provide patient and family care that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective.

Standardized Patients

We utilize a pool of standardized patients that act in the role of patients of all ages or patient caregivers. Standardized patients are a vital part of providing students in nursing and other health professions with the opportunity to develop, practice, and enhance therapeutic communication, interviewing, physical examination, and non-invasive technical skills. Standardized patients are trained to take on the characteristics of real patients, portray various case scenarios in a consistent manner to different students, and provide evaluation feedback to students on their interactions.

Prospective Partners

We are always looking to collaborate with new partners in the future.

Please contact Monina Franco-Tantuico, Clinical Learning Coordinator (, instructor and clinical lab learning coordinator, to discuss the creation of an OSCE for any course. You may also submit a request to use Center for Clinical Learning space or other resources online, or submit an online application to be a standardized patient.

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