Rutgers School of Nursing receives best school award from American Association of Men in Nursing

September 14, 2018

Each year, the American Association of Men in Nursing (AAMN) recognizes select nursing schools for their history, consistency, quality, and commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for men throughout their nursing studies. This year, the association honors Rutgers School of Nursing with the 2018 Best School award, which will be presented on October 4, 2018, during the opening festivities of AAMN’s annual conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In awarding the recognition, the association commended the “extremely active” AAMN Rutgers School of Nursing chapter for their strong work in “men’s health, recruitment, and career development events.”

With men representing nearly 20% of faculty and staff and about 15% of the student population, Rutgers nursing prides itself in its diversity. “It is a place where men are welcome in all of the nursing programs as both faculty and students,” said William Holzemer (PhD, RN, FAAN), dean and distinguished professor of Rutgers School of Nursing. “We are proud to receive this recognition from AAMN as we work hard to ensure the success of all of our students.”

Kyle Warren, vice dean of Rutgers School of Nursing, recognized the Men in Nursing chapter for “their outstanding work, which certainly contributed to the school receiving this award,” he said. ‘They have been an active group that has supported each other both in their programming and in their studies.”

Boris Boucicaut, president of the AAMN Rutgers chapter, said the recognition was very humbling. “But it also confirms what I’ve known all along: Rutgers School of Nursing shapes its students to become great nurses,” he said. “It highlights the fact that Rutgers nursing invests in and prepares young men to enter confidently into an occupation in which they are the minority.”

What can men in nursing expect as they begin or advance their careers with Rutgers nursing? An inclusivity that empowers them to not only strengthen and humanize health care but also advocate for continued research and education about men’s health issues.

Reflecting on this diversity, Warren encourages all students to join the AAMN chapter at Rutgers School of Nursing, “which works to spread awareness of health disparities affecting men.”

– Sjuhye Grace Chung