Leadership Programs

Reach your next level with an MSN or DNP in Nursing Leadership

At Rutgers School of Nursing, we prepare our Nursing Leadership students to take on new and innovative roles in health care, roles that bring about real change across the continuum. Through our MSN and DNP programs, you’ll gain new skills ranging from business and finance to communications, equipping you to improve the delivery of care and expected outcomes for your patients and the community at large.

Adelisa Perez

My education has impacted what I do at work because I’m no longer looking at an individual’s outcome or single patient’s outcome. I’m really looking at a broader scale as well as being an advocate for patients, for my fellow nurses, for my team members that I’m responsible for.

Adelisa Perez, MSN ’19

Learn how you can advance to the frontline of your setting with your master’s, post-bachelor’s DNP, or post-master’s DNP in Nursing Leadership today.