Center for Educational Innovation and Quality

Center for Educational Innovation and Quality at Rutgers School of Nursing (CEIQ) is a leader in promoting teaching and learning excellence, advancing the science of nursing education, nurturing collaborations in interprofessional education, provision of continuing education opportunities for health care professionals.

Our Goals

  • Create synergies that foster an inclusive, dynamic academic environment that supports and develops nurse leaders in education, research, and practice.
  • Establish a culture of evidence-based teaching and learning excellence.
  • Foster a community of lifelong learners committed to excellence, innovation, and continued professional growth.
  • Create opportunities for collaborative, team-based, interprofessional learning.
  • Provide personalized consultation services for individuals, groups, programs, and schools related to teaching and learning excellence, interprofessional education, and educational research.

Centers of Excellence

CEIQ provides leadership for the following associated centers of teaching and learning excellence:

The Center for Clinical Learning provides undergraduate and graduate students with realistic, evidence-based patient care experiences that develop clinical reasoning, critical decision-making, team-building, and technical skills using state-of-the art equipment, high-fidelity patient simulators, and trained personnel who act as standardized patients.

The Center for Professional Development offers cutting-edge continuing education opportunities for registered and advanced practice nurses, nurse faculty, and other health care professionals to meet the demands of an increasingly complex, diverse, and dynamic health care environment.

Consultation Services 

  • Innovative Teaching Strategies
  • Student-Centered Learning
  • Curriculum Development and Redesign
  • Faculty Development and Mentoring 
  • Peer Evaluation
  • Interprofessional Education and Collaboration 
  • Educational Research
  • Outcomes Evaluation
  • Teaching Practicum and Fellowship Experiences
  • Professional Development and Lifelong Learning


Center for Educational Research and Innovation 
Rutgers School of Nursing
Stanley S. Bergen, Jr. Building, Room 1126
65 Bergen St.
Newark, NJ 07107
P: (973) 972-6655
F: (973) 972-7904

Jeannette Manchester, DNP, MBA, RN
Associate Dean for the Center for Educational Innovation and Quality
Assistant Dean, Center for Professional Development
Associate Professor, Teaching Track

CERI Teaching Fellows