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You are invited to partner with us in an exciting new program aimed at improving competency levels, job satisfaction, and retention rates among new graduate nurses working in health care settings like yours.

Rutgers School of Nursing’s Out-of-Hospital Nurse Residency Program unites educators and health care providers in a coordinated effort to encourage new bachelor’s-prepared nurses to develop fulfilling careers outside of the hospital workplace.

The program, which will help address our state’s growing need for highly educated nurses to work in various non-hospital settings, is being launched with support from a generous grant from the Helene Fuld Health Trust. It may be the first such program in the nation.

As they prepare to graduate with their BS in Nursing degree, selected Rutgers students who have expressed an interest in out-of–hospital settings will be assigned a career coach who will assist them in the transition from classroom to workforce.

The School of Nursing is actively recruiting health care organizations, such as yours, that will employ graduates based on a match of the new nurses’ strengths and career goals with the needs of the organization. Participating organizations will partner with us in a structured, year-long residency program.

Benefits for Your Organization

Evidence shows that “residency programs have been demonstrated to help new graduate nurses develop skills, competence, and confidence required for autonomous practice.” [1]

This program will also yield significant rewards for health care organizations, including:

  • Unique opportunities to recruit BS in Nursing graduates interested in working in out-of-hospital settings.
  • Employment of dynamic nurses competently prepared for entry to out-of-hospital practice with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to care for patients and coordinate care across systems.
  • Preceptor training for a select member of your nursing staff to facilitate mentoring relationships between experienced nurses and nurse residents.
  • Improved staff retention, organizational commitment, and the development of future leaders. [2]
  • Increased workforce stability, which leads to enhanced quality outcomes for patients.
  • New evidence-based knowledge, protocols, and resources for organizations to develop sustainable programs to increase staff competencies and improve quality of care.

Unique Aspects of the Program

  • An innovative program developed in collaboration between a top-ranked university and its clinical partners will assist new graduates entering their professional nursing careers within a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Focus on quality and safety using evidence-based care across delivery settings.
  • A standardized curriculum and practicum experience focused on the application of core knowledge, skills, and attitudes as it relates to patient population.
  • Project management through Rutgers School of Nursing with broad input from all constituency groups, including the residents and preceptors.
  • Education for the new BSN over a 2-semester period using the Nurse of the Future Core Competencies.
  • Education and resources for preceptors to implement during the grant and beyond.


If you’re interested in hearing more about hiring a new BS in Nursing graduate and participating in Rutgers’ Out-of-Hospital Nurse Residency Program, please contact Nancy Bohnarczyk at (973) 353-2708 or nurseresidency@sn.rutgers.edu.

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