CUYF Research

Research Focus

The Center focuses on social determinants of health among key urban populations. Social determinants of health are the “conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels. The social determinants of health are mostly responsible for health inequities – the unfair and avoidable differences in health status seen within and between countries” (World Health Organization, 2019).

Sample Research Projects

Caring for Vulnerable People

  • 2017 Porter, S., Qureshi, R., Chase, S., Allread, V., & Salmond, S. Addressing the Effects of Psychological Trauma in a Community Using a Social Determinants of Health Approach: A Case Study. Rutgers School of Nursing, Association for Prevention, Teaching and Research & Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.Available on-line August 2017

Infants and Children

  •  2017 Qureshi, R., Porter, S., & Zha, P. Social determinants of health monitoring in pediatric primary care: Importance, screening, intervention, and follow-up. New Jersey Pediatrics. Winter 2017, 24-29.
  • 2018 Qureshi, R., Jadotte, Y., Zha, P., Porter, S. A., Holly, C., Salmond, S., & Watkins, E. A. The association between prenatal exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and childhood obesity: a systematic review. JBI database of systematic reviews and implementation reports16(8), 1643-1662.
  • 2018 Porter, S., Qureshi, R., & Benenson, I. Understanding Congenital Syphilis. Infants & Young Children31(4), 287-296.
  • 2018 Porter, S., Qureshi, R., Echevarria, M., Watkins, A., Baker, N. National best practices: screening tools for economic instability in pediatric primary care. PROSPERO 2018 CRD42018090214 Available from:

Sexual and Gender Minorities

  • 2017 Qureshi, R. I., Zha, P., Kim, S., Hindin, P., Naqvi, Z., Holly, C., … & Ritch, W. Health care needs and care utilization among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations in New Jersey. Journal of homosexuality65(2), 167-180.
  • 2018 Qureshi, R. I. Case Study: Caring for a Pakistani Male Who Has Sex with Other Men. In Global Applications of Culturally Competent Health Care: Guidelines for Practice(pp. 267-271). Springer, Cham.
  • 2018 Baćak, V., Thurman, K., Eyer, K., Qureshi, R., Bird, J. D., Rivera, L. M., & Kim, S. A. Incarceration as a Health Determinant for Sexual Orientation and Gender Minority Persons. American journal of public health, (0), e1-e6.

Racial Minorities

  • 2019 Zha, P., Qureshi, R. I., Porter, S., Chao, Y. Y., Pacquiao, D., O’Brien-Richardson. P, & Chase, S. M. Utilizing a mobile health intervention to manage hypertension in an underserved community. Western Journal of Nursing Research
  • 2019 Qureshi, R. I. Disempowerment and Migrant Populations. In Social Pathways to Health Vulnerability(pp. 73-104). Springer, Cham.

Current Projects

  • Development of a patient-nurse trust scale in an urban community setting
  • Patient-nurse trust among sexual and gender minorities
  • Assessment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) health competencies among nurses
  • HPV knowledge and vaccination rates among urban immigrant populations

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