COVID Diaries: Luisa Tinapay, BS, RN

Luisa Tinapay photo

Alumna, BS in Nursing ’18; emergency department/trauma nurse

“After four years of nursing school I took on the challenge of working my first RN job in a high pace, trauma-driven emergency department close to my hometown in NJ. After some time I decided to chase my city dream and took a new position in one of New York City’s best hospitals. I happened to start this new job in February and my new emergency department quickly turned into a COVID war zone.

Facing a Pandemic, Two Years Out of Nursing School

“When I first signed up to be an emergency nurse I knew I was signing up to be prepared for any disaster. I never imagined a pandemic to break out in the span of my career, let alone two years out of school. I especially did not expect to take a new job in the epicenter of the American outbreak. It’s been a tough uphill battle trying to stabilize the most unstable. It’s even worse to see families split apart as they say what might be their last goodbye to their loved ones as they drop them off desperately to our ED. And it’s the worst when desperate family members call for updates and there’s nothing good to be said.

Honored and Humbled to be able to Make a Difference

“Nurses are leading this war. We’re at the forefront and spend the most time with the sickest patients. We’re the only interactions these people have in their most vulnerable time. I’m so humbled to have the opportunity to help make a difference when the world has had to come to a standstill.”

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Luisa Tinapay attended the traditional BS in Nursing program on the New Brunswick Campus, where she served as president of the Rutgers Student Nurses Association.