COVID Diaries: Karissa Padilla, DNP, MSN, RN-BC

Karissa Padila photo

Alumna, DNP in Leadership, May 2020; nurse informaticist in a university medical center

“As nurse informaticist in my organization, I had to come up with new ways to provide efficient clinical IT training for new hires as the nation transitioned to largely working from home.

Using Communications Tech in New Ways

“Prior to COVID, we used WebEx mainly for conducting meetings with screen share options. However, with this tool, I was able to demo and provide hands-on training with the new hires and other clinicians from other hospitals who have been assigned to our hospital due to COVID-19 demand.

“New hires can learn 1:1 with me, while navigating the clinical applications real-time. Doing so allows for flexibility and safer environment when social distancing is required.

Collaborating to Connect Patients and Their Families

“With patient visitors being restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization had to think of ways to allow continued patient/family communication during the patient’s stay. Through the use of technology, we developed protocols on iPad use for patient/family communication.

“A multi-disciplinary approach is needed to successfully implement iPad use in lieu of in-person family visits. Social workers and other providers work closely with the nursing department to identify patients who meets the criteria for iPad use. The information technology department also plays a significant role in ordering and setting up the iPads, making sure the devices are ready for patient use. Apps such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype are the tools patients use to get in touch with their families.

“As a nurse informaticist, I believe there are still more ways that health care can maximize the use of technology during this unprecedented time. I am glad that I am in this role where I know that my technological and clinical expertise can help lead innovation in delivering quality care to our patients and their families.”