Rubab Qureshi, MBBS, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Division of Nursing Science


ACK 362

(973) 353-1041

Specialty: Social determinants of health, systematic review, sexual and gender minorities health, health inequities, cultural competence, immigrant health

Dr. Qureshi earned her doctorate in Urban Systems (Health track) from UMDNJ, NJIT and Rutgers-Newark. As a scholar of socio-cultural influences she has a keen interest in understanding the relationship between social determinants and health particularly minority status and health including health of immigrants, sexual and racial minorities, and immigrant maternal/child health. She is also interested in cultural competence in health care education and environmental determinants of health


Working with urban South Asian immigrant women I examined their adaptation as immigrants to the US and the role that culture and social networks played in this adaptation. My current exploration of sexual minorities’ experiences with healthcare providers and their health needs also substantiates the role of culture and social networks in this population. Their experience as sexual minorities intersects race, diagnoses and other determinants such as socioeconomic status. In addition, I am currently also exploring environmental influences on health in urban areas: Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke during pregnancy and childhood obesity particularly in immigrant children.

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