Peijia Zha, PhD, MA

Peijia Zha

Associate Professor

Division of Nursing Science


ACK 226

(973) 353-1692

Specialty: Social epidemiology, social determinants of health, program evaluation, statistics


Dr. Zha teaches Statistics I, Statistics II, and Advanced Quantitative Methods in the School of Nursing’s PhD program, as well as Epidemiology and other core courses in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Dr. Zha is a master teacher and is devoted to fostering in the students a strong sense of scientific knowledge and reasoning.


Dr. Zha’s research as a social science scholar has a strong interdisciplinary focus. Her primary contribution involves both articulating and innovating research methodological concepts and practices, especially in developing and validating innovative instruments to measure patient-nurse trust relationships, patient perceptions on cultural competence; utilizing mobile health intervention to improve patient outcomes and health education; and applying statistical methods to collaborate with nursing scientists from multidisciplinary levels. Her research interests also include the dynamics of race and equity in health, immigrant health, and urban community health systems. Dr. Zha also serves as manuscript reviewer at American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Western Journal of Nursing Research, Journal of Nursing Measurement, Health Promotion and Practice, Journal of Advanced Nursing……etc.

Selected Publications:

  1. Zha, P., Qureshi, R., Porter, S. & Zhang, C. (2023, in press). Moderating effects of the patient-nurse trust relationship on adverse childhood experiences and preventive care utilization among sexual and gender minority individuals. Nursing Research.
  2. De torres, R., Pacquiao, D., Zha, P., Katz, J., & Sattler, V. (2023, in press). Psychometric evaluation of the Filipino version of the client’s perceptions of providers’ cultural competency instrument among LGBTQ population in the Philippines. Journal of Nursing Measurement.
  3. . (2022). Adverse childhood experiences and utilization of preventive healthcare among generation Z sexual and gender minorities. Journal of LGBT Youth.
  4. Zha, P., Mahat, G, Chao, Y, Y.& Iovino, C. (2022). Perceived body weight and weight management-related behaviors among young adults: Mediating effects of BMI. American Journal of Health Education.
  5. ., Qureshi, R., Porter, S., & Lin, H. (2022). Psychometric evaluation of the patient-nurse trust scale among sexual and gender minorities. Journal of Community Health Nursing.39 (4), 238-250.
  6. Thomas-Hawkins, C., Flynn, L., Zha, P., & Ando, Sakura. (2022). The effects of race and workplace racism on nurses’ intent to leave the job: the mediating roles of job dissatisfaction and emotional distress. Nursing Outlook. 70(4), 590-600.
  7. Thomas-Hawkins, C., Zha, P., Flynn, L., & Ando, S. (2022). Effects of race, workplace racism, and COVID worry on the emotional well-being of hospital-based nurses: A dual pandemic. Behavioral Medicine (Washington, D.C.), 48(2),95–108.
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