Haiqun Lin, MD, PhD

Professor, and Director, Center for Health Equity and Sytems Research

Division of Nursing Science


ACK 326

(973) 353-3843

Specialty: Biostatistics

Dr. Lin obtained her Medical Degree from Peking University Medical School and her Ph.D. in Biometry & Statistics from Cornell University. She is currently a Professor in the Division of Nursing Science at Rutgers School of Nursing with secondary appointment with the Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology at School of Public Health. She teaches Advanced Quantitative Analytic Methods in Nursing Research and serves on several dissertation committees. She engages in methodological and interdisplinary research suitable for Nursing Science and population health. Her research concerns quantitative inference regarding population vs. individual perspective in data that arise from health and nursing research, social behavior sciences, health disparity, mental health and aging research. She is known for her original contribution in longitudinal and multilevel modeling, missing data and mediation analysis. She has published hundreds of papers in peer-reviewed journals and has received numerous grant awards from National Institutes of Health as a PI, MPI and co-I. She has extensive teaching and mentoring experience for postgraduates, post-doctors, clinical fellows, and junior faculty.

Recent Research Activities/Funded Projects

Project Title: Advanced Development and Utilization of Assembled Clinical Aging Trajectory File from Multiple Datasets (MPI)
Date: 05/01/2021 – 04/30/2026
Agency: NIH-NIA 1R33 AG068931-01A1
Amount: $2,400,000

Recent Publications