Charlotte Thomas-Hawkins, PhD, RN, FAAN

Associate Dean, Nursing Science, Associate Professor and Director, Center for Healthcare Quality

Division of Nursing Science


ACK 202C

(973) 353-1061

Specialty: Nephrology nursing workforce, patient safety, disparities in health care service use, health policy

A veteran of almost 30 years of clinical practice experience as a staff nurse, nurse manager, and advanced practice nurse in acute care and outpatient kidney dialysis settings. Dr. Charlotte Thomas-Hawkins serves as a tenured Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Healthcare Quality. Her funded program of research focuses on the effects of nephrology nursing systems (e.g., nurse staffing levels, workload, and work environment support) on nursing care processes and quality outcomes in dialysis settings. She was the first researcher to quantify the relationships among nursing structures (patient-to-RN ratios, workload), nurse practice environment support, missed care, and patient outcomes in outpatient dialysis units in the United States. That work helped to lead to policy changes in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Staffing Regulations in the CMS Dialysis Provider Conditions for Coverage. Recently, her work has been cited, in numerous media reports, as supporting the proposed California Dialysis Patient Safety Act (SB 349) aimed at requiring higher levels of registered nurse and patient care technician staffing in California outpatient dialysis units. Her current work is focused on a facility-level examination of the effects of nurse-sensitive indicators (RN staffing, RN and nurse manager workload, RN and nurse manager work environment support, missed care, nurse manager safety practices) on value-based patient outcomes, patient safety, adverse patient events, and nurse outcomes in outpatient dialysis facilities in three states.

In her role as Director of the Center for Healthcare Quality, she is also engaged in team science and research that focuses on patient characteristics, health system characteristics, care delivery models, nursing workforce patterns, quality outcomes, adverse events, and costs of care across hospital, ambulatory care, long-term care, and community-based settings.

Dr. Thomas-Hawkins has served on numerous local, regional, and national advisory boards and professional organization committees. Dr. Thomas-Hawkins has published in numerous interdisciplinary and nursing journals, is an editorial board member for the Renal Society of Australasia Journal and the Brazilian Journal of Nursing, and serves as a peer reviewer for several nursing research journals.       


PhD          University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA
MSN         University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA
BSN         Thomas-Jefferson University School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA
Diploma    Temple University Hospital School of Nursing


The Effects of Nurse-Sensitive Indicators on Value-Based Outcomes in Outpatient Dialysis Facilities: A Multi-Level Model Approach
Role: PI
Sponsor: American Nephrology Nurses’ Association ($10,000)

Exploring Daily Activity and Total Energy Expenditure in the Adult Hemodialysis Population

Role: Co-I (PI: Laura Byham-Gray)
Sponsor: Dean’s Intramural Grant Award, Department of Nutritional Sciences                                      School of Health Related Professions (Amount $35,000)

Dialysis Nurse Manager Safety Practices
Role: PI
Sponsor: American Nephrology Nurses’ Association (Amount $15,000)

Needs and concerns of caregivers of individuals with chronic kidney failure receiving home dialysis
Role: Co-I (PI: Janet Welch)
Sponsor: Indiana University School of Nursing (Amount: $8100)

A theory-based pilot exercise intervention for elders with end-stage renal disease (ESRD)
Role: PI
Sponsor: National Institute of Nursing Research (RO3) (Amount $154,000)

The work environment and nurse-reported outcomes in dialysis centers
Role: PI
Sponsor: American Nephrology Nurses’ Association (Amount $75,000)

Development and Testing of a Physical Activity Modeling Video for Elders with ESRD
Role: PI
Sponsor: Rutgers University Center for the Study of Health Beliefs and Behaviors, Institute of Health Care Policy and Aging Research (Amount $15,000)

Illness Representations in Elders with ESRD  
Role: PI
Sponsor: National Institute of Nursing Research (KO1) (Amount $261,188)

Bridges to the Doctorate
Role: PI
Sponsor: National Institute of General Medical Sciences (Amount $536,244)

Elderly hemodialysis patients symptom and functioning experiences
Role: PI
Sponsor: National Kidney Foundation (Amount $20,000)

Final revision and testing of the Inventory of Functional Status-Dialysis
Role: PI
Sponsor: Rutgers University Busch Biomedical Research Grant (Amount $19,402)


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