Aid groups struggle to meet the demand for diapers

March 9, 2021

Baby staring at camera over a pile of diapers

A year into the pandemic, local organizers are trying to keep up with demand for staples like food and clothing. As WNYC News radio reports, people also need a lot of diapers.

But there are no federal programs that subsidize the cost of diapers (about $80 month) and the high demand and limited availability have caused many aid organizations to stop giving them out.

“Lack of diapers not only impacts a child’s well-being, but also a mom’s,” says Sallie Porter (DNP, PhD, APN, CPNP), a pediatric nurse practitioner and associate professor at Rutgers School of Nursing. She tells WNYC that the cost of diapers is “just another disparity that women have disproportionately faced during the pandemic.”