Create a Contact Group in Outlook & Office 365


Formerly called “distribution lists” in older versions of Outlook, contact groups make emailing multiple people easy. Access instructions and screenshots for older versions of Outlook on the Microsoft support page. For instructions on how to create contact lists in Connect/Office 365, skip to the bottom of this page.

  • Switch to contacts view.
  • Select “New Contact Group,” giving your group a meaningful name. We recommend starting with an underscore, as it will then appear at the top of your list. E.g., _peopleInMyClass.
  • Add your members.
  • Global address list
  • More columns
  • Type in address if it’s not on the global list or your contact list.

Connect (Office 365)

On Connect/Office 365, contact groups are known as “contact lists.” Creating them is easy.

  • Switch to contact view.
  • Click the drop-down next to New and select Contact List.

Note: Don’t use Groups as it likely won’t work.