Center for Urban Youth & Families

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Urban Youth and Families (CUYF) is to address health disparities through interdisciplinary research. The center trusts that developing an inter-professional research center improves the health and future of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

Our Values

We believe that:

  • All people are created equal and deserve a fair and equal opportunity to live healthy lives.
  • Health disparities are a major barrier to health and longevity for many people.
  • Rigorous scientific inquiry can contribute to the health of the nation.
  • Including local stakeholders speeds the process of dissemination; therefore, we include community partners and stakeholders in projects as appropriate.
  • People learn best by doing; therefore, students are mentored in the process when possible.

Our Goals

  • Enhance the scientific award portfolio of CUYF with the addition of federal research grants such as NIH (R03, R15, R21) and/or PCORI awards by 2016.
  • Support the scholarly development of CUYF faculty and student members so that they are better able to compete for these funding mechanisms (i.e. grant writing workshops and editorial assistance).
  • Continue to build on the findings of currently funded research in CUYF to support a successful R01 applications.
  • Serve as an incubator for the scholarly development of all center members as evidenced by extramural funding, national and international presentations and publications.

Our Strategy

  • Center scientists will focus their inquiry around health disparity issues that affect urban populations. CUY resources will be used to support small pilot/feasibility projects that will lead to publication and serve as the foundation for larger studies.
  • Center scientists will apply for extramural funding to support larger projects. As funding is obtained, the scientists will provide a portion (to be determined) that will be dedicated to maintaining the center.
  • Center scientists will work with students to mentor them in projects. These relationships will either be internships (either voluntary or paid by other funding sources) and research assistants. CUY members will share resources (instruments and equipment) and assist one another as appropriate.