Assistant Professor

Division of Advanced Nursing Practice

Newark Health Sciences

SSB 1115

(973) 972-9829

Specialty: Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Liver Transplantation, Adult Medicine

Dr. Cogan’s practice, teaching, and scholarship are focused in gastroenterology, hepatology, liver transplantation, general medicine, post-surgical care, wound care, and infectious disease. Additionally, she is certified in wound-care, and transplantation.  Dr. Cogan earned her DNP degree in 2005 as part of the inaugural class at Columbia University School of Nursing. Upon program completion, she successfully passed the DCC exam and became a part of the founding DNP Program faculty at Columbia University School of Nursing. She is a seasoned nurse practitioner and has been practicing at Columbia University Medical Center for about 20 years while maintaining an academic role within the School of Nursing. During that time she was involved in numerous quality improvement and system improvement projects and served as manager of regulatory compliance. She has authored or co-authored 4 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, presented almost 20 papers, coauthored several published abstracts, and served as co-investigator for approximately 50 clinical trials studying liver disease, specifically in areas regarding treatment of hepatitis C, hepatitis B, hepatic encephalopathy, living donation, osteoporosis, and HIV.

Lori Cogan holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP), graduating with the first cohort in the world, which created the first DNP faculty at Columbia University. She has excelled to the highest level of clinical nursing as evidenced by successfully passing the USMLE step 3 equivalent, earning a Diplomate in Comprehensive Care (DCC), through the American Board of Comprehensive Care. She has practiced clinically as a nurse practitioner for 20 years, and is dually board certified as an adult nurse practitioner and acute care nurse practitioner. She holds additional certifications in wound care and clinical transplantation.

Dr. Cogan’s career has served in several disciplines, including infectious disease, wound care, neuro-oncology, gastroenterology, interventional endoscopic gastroenterology, and 17 years in hepatology and liver transplantation. Her bedside nursing career began in the cardiothoracic intensive care unit at Yale New Haven Hospital, and then she practiced in a mixed intensive care unit, which took place in a level 1 trauma center which included medical, surgical, and cardiothoracic intensive care. She has had tremendous accolades from her patients and students, including numerous letters, and institutional monetary donations.

Dr. Cogan’s teaching endeavors have include current faculty appointment as an Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing at Columbia University School of Nursing, where she has taught for 14 years. Her academic specialties have included nurse practitioner students, and her current mentorship in the DNP program. Earlier in her career, she served as an adjunct professor of nursing at Seton Hall University, teaching undergraduate nursing students in medical/surgical care. Finally, she has precepted countless students in her clinical arena over the years, and mentored all incoming nursing staff in most of her clinical practice sites. She has even served as a clinical mentor to visiting nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians, from neighboring major New York medical centers and from other countries, including Japan, Mexico, and Australia. Finally, she has sponsored a high school student in a local gifted program, for nearly a year, seeking a medical future. She has a strong ability to mentor and teach a wide range of student levels.

Dr. Cogan has also participated in numerous clinical research trials, in neuro-oncology, liver disease and transplantation, serving as a co-investigator or sub-investigator on over 50 clinical trials. She has lectured nationally, spreading her knowledge to nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physicians. Her publications in liver disease have reached international recognition, with invitations to speak internationally on the topic. She has also written patient brochures, books, and lectured at weekly patient educational seminars. Her extensive clinical practice has also allowed her to perform management roles, quality assurance, and she served as the Manager of Regulatory Compliance at The Center for Disease and Transplantation, where she also served on the committee to design, build and implement a new outpatient center for patients and providers.

Dr. Cogan’s personal interests include time spent with her family, travelling, playing the piano, enjoying tennis, cool fall walks, and she looks forward to sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years.