Steps for applying to the School Nurse Certificate Program

Academics & Admissions

You will use the Application for Undergraduate Admission (screen shot below)

Under Enrollment Information

  • What is the semester for which you are applying?
    Select  FALL 2021 (Semester begins in September)
  • What will be your applicant type at the time of enrollment?
    Select  TRANSFER
  • Chose all that apply:
    Select- I will have my Bachelor’s, Master’s, and/or Doctorate degree before coming to Rutgers AND I am/will be a Registered Nurse before coming to Rutgers
  • How many college credits will you have completed at a post-secondary institution prior to enrollment at Rutgers?
    Select- 120 or more
  • Will you be attending full time or part time?
    Select- Applicants can select either Full time or Part time
  • Will you work towards a Rutgers degree or take courses as a non-degree student?
    Select- Either option

Apply For Admission to Schools or Programs

  • School of program to which I’d like to apply- Select– Rutgers School of Nursing – New Brunswick
  • My primary academic interest is.. – Select- SCHOOL NURSE CERTIFICATE HYBRID Online

Screen Shot of Application

Screenshot of Application - Enrollment Information