Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program

EOF Student Stories

"As an alum of the EOF nursing program, I can say that I have benefitted in ways unimaginable with the financial and emotional help and support from the EOF staff. The Educational Opportunity Fund program has created a strong foundation for those who are in need of such stable environment to be able to thrive in their college career. Having a strong support system through college allowed me to graduate with my bachelors and attain a nursing career at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick and that is a debt that I am unable to pay. "

- Hortencia Ramos, BSN, RN - Class of 2013

"The EOF program is essential because they provide hope for students like me whom have been turned away and discouraged from perusing our dreams to becoming something in life. They truly provide equal opportunity to everyone whom seeks it. Thanks to their support and guidance-- they have made my dream a reality.  I am very grateful for what they have done for me. It is necessary to help keep this program going so that many more people, who come from unfortunate backgrounds, can pursue a career and be successful."

- Maria Di Diego, BSN, RN - Class of 2015

"As a senior at New Brunswick Science and Technology High School, I had the opportunity to interact with some of the nursing students from the CN-EOF program. They were so intelligent, motivated and encouraging that I knew I wanted to attend Rutgers College of Nursing, but I didn't think I would qualify. Through the encouragement of my guidance counselor and the student mentors from the program, I applied and I am so glad I did. As a student in the CN-EOF program, I receive so much especially in terms of the support classes in the sciences and nursing level courses. These classes make all the difference. I know I would not be in such good academic standing, were it not for the support provided by the CN-EOF program."

- Esmeralda Valle –Alumni, Class of 2007 from New Brunswick, New Jersey

"CN-EOF saw in me what many people didn't; a promising future as a distinguished nurse leader. I even doubted whether or not I could become a nurse. Through their guidance, leadership development, academic support, and encouragement I am well on my way to becoming a professional nurse. I am so grateful to be a part of the CN-EOF program. If it weren't for CN-EOF, becoming a nurse would have been a mere dream that could never come true."

- Kenisha McLennon – Alumni, Class of 2007 from Irvington, New Jersey

"As the first E.O.F. graduate of Rutgers University College of Nursing to receive a PhD in Nursing, I can truly say that the education I received and the experiences I had through E.O.F as a undergraduate and graduate student, laid the foundation for my excellence in clinical practice, education, research and leadership."

- Veronica Clarke-Tasker PhD, RN, MS, MBA, MPH
Associate Professor, Howard University, Division of Nursing




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