Cindy Sickora DNP, RNCindy Sickora DNP, RN
Associate Professor, Director, Community Programs Rutgers School of Nursing Jordan and Harris Community Health Center New Jersey Children’s Health Project

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Newark, NJ
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Field Specializations:
Community Health, Urban Health, Health Disparities, Innovations in Healthcare Delivery, Nurse-Managed Healthcare Microsystems, Environmental Impact on Health, Children’s Health,  Interprofessional Education, Research and Education.


As an associate professor at the Rutgers School of Nursing, I am passionate about bringing high-quality, culturally competent care to underserved urban communities.  I am also dedicated to teaching health professionals how to identify community need and conceptualize approaches to care in partnership with the communities served.  This is particularly important in marginalized communities where health disparities are most prevalent. Finally, I believe that nurses have a great deal to offer health care reform: drawing on our deep roots in community nursing, we are uniquely situated to offer low cost, innovative primary care.

During my time as an educator, I’ve found that one of the most effective ways to ensure that my students understand the challenges faced by our urban citizens is to take those students from the classroom directly into community settings, where our work in the field enables them to understand the challenges and health needs of medically underserved populations. 

In support of these goals, I currently serve as the founding director of the Jordan and Harris Community Health Center, a joint community and nursing health and wellness program. The Center is one of a few RN-managed healthcare microsystems around the country, and our team of residents, community health workers, RNs and advanced practice nurses collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to bring the best possible care to patients on their terms.

The idea for the Center grew out of work I began several years ago when I started visiting local neighborhoods, conducting community health outreach visits and teaching community assessment. By starting with basics such as measuring blood pressure and using our findings to teach residents how hypertension can be treated and managed, we were able to start building collaborative relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

The program’s continued success relies on the skills of professional nurses and educators from local health programs who partner with community residents to  help improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life on both individual and community levels. 

Building on a triangulation approach that relies on education, adapting to the local environment, and the social expertise of community-health worker outreach, I also serve as director of the New Jersey Children’s Health Project, a mobile healthcare initiative. The NJCHP is an APN-managed mobile health unit that helps to safeguard both children and adults living in isolated urban locations.  It guarantees that they have access to primary and specialty care.

Cindy Sickora(left) in front of the NJ Children's Health Project Van

Finally, to help ensure that well-trained professionals are available and able to respond effectively to the needs of underserved communities, I also teach Community Health Nursing education for the Rutgers second-degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Here, one of my primary concerns is the need to educate and help coordinate care for vulnerable children and adults with environmentally related health issues such as asthma and lead poisoning.  Together, all three of these programs make up a significant part of the Rutgers School of Nursing’s healthcare outreach effort, which focuses on meeting the healthcare needs of local underserved communities in the city of Newark, NJ.


Administrative and Teaching Experience

Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

Principal Investigator
  • Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, Community Health Worker Project Year II, 2012, $184,000.00
  • Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, Community Health Worker Training Project, 2011, $135,000.00
  • Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, A Community Partnership to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect, 2006,
  • Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, RESPIRA-An Asthma Education Program for Latino Families, 2006
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Research and Urban Health Program Projects

I am currently collaborating with Dr. Sabrina Chase and Dr. Peijia Zha to develop a series of health care delivery pilot studies in conjunction with the Community Advisory Board (CAB) of the Jordan and Harris Community Health Center in Newark, NJ. We are about to welcome graduate students Patricia Hoff and Jeannie Garmon to our research team. I am founding director of the Jordan and Harris Community Health Center at 11 Hyatt Court in Newark, NJ as well as the director of the New Jersey Children’s Health Project (Mobile Health Project).

I am founding director of the Jordan and Harris Community Health Center at 11 Hyatt Court in Newark, NJ as well as the director of the New Jersey Children’s Health Project (Mobile Health Project).

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Revolutionizing Urban Healthcare

Jordan & Harris Community Health Center Video

Community Health – Avoiding the ER

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In 2014, I will attend the following conferences and would be happy to meet with you there.  Please contact me via email or cell phone if you would like to talk to me.

Courses Offered

Community Health Nursing-Nursing 415

Other Interests

When not engaged in academic pursuits, I love exercising, ballroom dancing, and home décor!

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