Ganga MahatGanga Mahat
Clinical Professor
Division of Entry to Baccalaureate Nursing

ACK 208
(973) 353-3830
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Personal Statement

My clinical practice focuses on improving and maintaining the health of children and adolescents through my scholarly activities in schools and the Center for Urban Youth and Families (CUYF). In the recent past, my clinical practice included working with service affiliates locally at the Newark School System and internationally with school teachers and a researcher in Nepal. I have developed, implemented, and evaluated a peer HIV education program for high school students in both Newark, New Jersey and in Nepal. 
My current clinical practice and scholarship focuses on my work in the Center of Urban Youth and Families (CUYF).  I am one of the founding members of this center. The Center’s research foci are oral health, obesity, and pulmonary health. In this center, my long term goal as a clinician is to improve preschool children’s oral health and decrease the incidence of Early Childhood Caries (ECC). 

Current Publications

  1. Mahat, G. Lyons, R. & Bowen, F. (2014). Early childhood caries and the role of pediatric nurse practitioner. Journal of Nurse Practitioner, 10(3), 189-193
  2. Mahat, G., Scoloveno, M. & Ayres, C (2013) Impact of HIV/AIDS peer education program on peer educators.  Journal of Nursing Practice Applications & Reviews of Nursing Research,.3(1) 15-21.
  3. Ayres, C., Mahat, G., Atkins, R., & Norris, S. (2013). Social support as a mediator of the relationship between self-esteem and positive health practices: Implications for practice.  Journal of Nursing Practice Applications & Reviews of Nursing Research, 3(1), 15-21.
  4. Mahat, G. & Pradhan G. (2012). HIV/AIDS knowledge and self-efficacy among late adolescents in Nepal. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice: An International Journal, 26 (3), 205-215.
  5. Mahat, G., Scoloveno, M., & Ayres, C. (2011). HIV/AIDS knowledge and self-efficacy among Nepalese adolescents: A peer education program. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice: An International Journal, 25(4), 271-283


  1. Bowen, F.,Mahat, G., Lyons, R., & Quinn, M. (2012-ongoing). Rutgers University College of Nursing Center for Urban Youth. $30,000.00 funded by the Dean’s fund.
  2. Mahat, G. HIV Peer education intervention in Nepal. 2009-2010. Rutgers University, College of Nursing, Dean’s Summer Research Grant. Amount awarded $3529.00
  3. Mahat, G. HIV/AIDS knowledge, self-efficacy and parental monitoring. 2009-2010. Research Council Grant Award, Rutgers University. Amount awarded $2100.00.

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