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Research Initiatives

Brick City Synergy

A comprehensive youth violence deterrence program
Purpose: To develop a collaborative network of existing youth and family service agencies that will provide community-based, family-focused, youth violence prevention services; with the end goal of preventing and deterring youth from becoming involved in delinquent or criminal behavior, while fostering positive youth and family development through coordinated access to appropriate services.
Investigator: Bowen
Phase: Recruitment

Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving More

Purpose: Provide evidence-based education to caregivers of children with asthma. This was a CATCH grant that was funded by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Bright Smiles in the Brick City

Purpose: 1) To determine if a nurse practitioner student-led oral health program
improves oral health in urban preschoolers. 2) To determine if after appropriate
training, nurse practitioner students can accurately perform oral health screening
in a community setting for preschoolers

Evaluation of the Asthma Control Test

Purpose: To determine the validity of the study instrument when used on
children with asthma between 8 and 14 years of age.
Investigator: Bowen
Phase: Analysis and Dissemination

Zone to Zone: Asthma Severity and Children’s Contextual Coping Strategies

Purpose: To determine how asthma symptoms and severity affect a child’s ability
to cope in various settings.
Investigator: Sloan-Power and Bowen
Phase: Analysis and Dissemination (qualitative findings)

Use of Parent Asthma Education to Improve Pediatric Asthma Follow Up

Purpose: 1) To validate the Asthma 101 curriculum for use with urban parents.
2) To determine if parents who receive asthma education will take their children
for asthma follow-up appointments.
Investigator: Bowen and Howard Britt, MD
Phase: Analysis and Dissemination

Oral Health Risk Assessment in Urban Preschoolers

Purpose: To determine parent and day care provider knowledge of preschool
children’s oral health risk factors.
Investigator: Mahat and Bowen
Phase: Dissemination

Individual Research Projects

Several members of the Center are actively engaged in individual research studies
consistent with the mission of the Center.

Dr. Robert Laumbach’s current research is titled Effects of Traffic Pollutants and
Stress on Asthma in an Urban Community. The purpose of the study is to determine
how traffic air pollutants, especially diesel exhaust, may interact with chronic
stress in urban communities, such as Newark and Elizabeth, and worsen asthma
symptoms among children.

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