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Interview Dress for Success

"Why should what I wear matter? Shouldn’t I be assessed on my skills?"

What you wear to an interview helps form an employer’s overall impression of you. Do you take the job seriously? Do you see yourself as a mature professional or a college kid with few responsibilities? Will you be a good representative of the image they want to portray about their organization? All of these things are being assessed from the moment they set eyes on you and the employer’s initial impression is formed (which usually takes about 30 seconds). Though most of you will not be wearing business attire to work on a daily basis, business professional attire is appropriate for an interview. It shows the level of respect for the process and professionalism that you want to communicate. Interviews are not the time to make a fashion statement. The goal is to be remembered as being professional. If you will be wearing your own clothes in the workplace, your clothing also serves as a "work sample" – it demonstrates that you understand workplace dress norms. The overall goal is to be memorable for your professionalism – not to be memorable for any specific aspect of your appearance.

Male or female, bring a leather or leather-like folio and a nice pen (it should not be dirty or chewed) with you to the interview. In the folio you should have a pad of paper, extra resumes, your questions an agenda (see Interview section).

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