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Traditional Baccalaureate in Nursing Program

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Criteria for Admission: Newark and New Brunswick

Admission to the School of Nursing is open for the fall semester of each year for high school students enrolling in the Traditional Baccalaureate Nursing Program. The Baccalaureate Nursing Program is a four-year academic program leading to a Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing degree for students applying directly from high school.

In general, the School of Nursing will expect a student who is applying directly from high school to have completed the following courses:

• English:  4 years
• Foreign Language: None required
• Mathematics:  3 years, including algebra I, geometry, algebra II
• Science:  1 year each of biology and chemistry
• Other Courses:  7 other academic courses
• Total:  16 academic courses

Please note that these are the minimum requirements for your file to be reviewed for admission. Additional coursework in other areas of study, as well as a balance of other activities will also be considered during the review process.

The admissions review will look at the type of coursework that has been completed in high school. Above and beyond the basic requirements for graduation, they will look for college preparatory courses that challenge you as a student. Students who pursue additional coursework in the core curricular areas will give themselves a better opportunity for admissions consideration because they will have completed more coursework. Courses in Advanced Placement subjects, Honors Programs, and other areas of study that demonstrate a student’s ability to manage intensive course credit loads will be taken into account. College coursework completed while in high school will be considered as well, however, this will not be a significant determining factor in acceptance.

Extra-curricular activities will be considered.  We are interested in students who have challenged themselves academically, socially, and culturally and who have been able to balance the responsibilities that are inherent in each area.

The average SAT score for admission consideration depends on competitiveness of the applicant pool.  There is no singular score that is recognized as a median. However, as with anything else in applying to college, the higher the SAT scores, the better your chances. The University will accept a combination of the highest score you received

These elements of the entire admissions application, from transcript to SAT scores to extra-curricular activities, to personal statements, are taken into consideration to determine admission into the program.


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Criteria for Admission: Blackwood

Students applying to the program must have either associates of science degree or sixty (60) undergraduate pre-requisite credits required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing - All applicants must be affiliated with Camden County College.

Applicants with a preferred GPA of at least 3.3 out of 4.0 will be given full consideration during the application process. Individuals that are interested in the program but do not meet the preferred GPA are still encouraged to apply, but these applicants should keep in mind the increased importance of their supplementary application materials.

Please follow the link for additional information on the Camden County College Blackwood program.

Student Essential Functions

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