Clinical Focus: Post-BSN and Post-Masters DNP

Plans of Study

Post-BSN DNP: Clinical Practice Focus

Post-Masters DNP: Clinical Practice Focus

The goals of the Clinical Focused Doctorate of Nursing Practice Programs are to prepare advanced practice nurses that:

  1. Are clinical experts
  2. Provide leadership to affect change
  3. Translate research into evidence-based practice

There are two paths to the Clinical Focus DNP degree:

The Post-BSN DNP Program:

This program is for applicants holding a BSN degree. This path, which requires 1000 clinical practicum hours, prepares the student to become a Nurse Practitioner in their choice of the following specialties:

The Post-Masters DNP Program:

The Post-Masters DNP Program is for applicants who have already achieved a graduate level advanced practice foundation.

The Post-Masters DNP curriculum builds on masters level courses such as advanced pathophysiology, advanced health assessment, pharmacology, and a clinical area of concentration. The program has three components:

  1. Course work to provide a broad understanding of the knowledge and skills needed for the role of a DNP;
  2. The capstone project courses in which the students will apply their coursework, knowledge, skills, and past experience to an in-depth and integrative practice experience which results in a written product;
  3. An intensive clinical residency experience of 500 hours in which students work “hands on” with a preceptor in the student’s area of advanced practice.

Both of these programs are offered in a blended format: a combination of online and face-to-face learning experiences.  During the clinical practicum hours, students work with preceptors and experts in their area of focus to gain meaningful clinical experiences and, for the Post-Master's DNP, to develop and implement their capstone project.